About Us

About Benz Hepburn

Our Story

Benz Hepburn started off as an idea from both my wife (Kathey) and me (Danny).

We have always been fascinated and intrigued by the air of coolness when one puts on a pair of shades. I still remember the very first time I bought my first pair of sunglasses. It was back in 1998 and it was definitely not cheap then. It hurt my pocket and I somehow still managed to lose it a couple of months later. It still hurts speaking about it now.  Anyway, if you think about it, sunglasses are a pretty simple device with very straightforward objectives: protect your eyes, take away the glare on sunny days and look great doing it.

Our Vision

We would like to envision that anyone can afford elegant designer eyewear at a reasonable price and in the same breath pave a way for better eye protection. We have to admit that current prices of the eyewear are a bit too costly. It is almost out of reach to the majority of us (the common folks). The reason for this is because of the big industry players that charge a royalty. Yes, you heard it right! A big bulk of the price goes to these corporations simply because of the branding and the middle men fees.

Benz Hepburn wants to change this by spreading the word that we should always look for value, as opposed to just buying something because of the brand it’s attached to. We custom design the eyewear and manufacture the sunglasses ourselves. We also changed the traditional distribution method by doing the distribution ourselves, online. Benz Hepburn wants you to be a happy user and that you get actual value and high quality when you purchase our products.

This is us and our not so little girl (Renee).

So this is who we are and we leave you with a quote:

“It is not what you wear, but how you carry it.”